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Trending clothing from us the Basketball player boys kids men. no uh not at all i kind of was you know knew it was probably going to happen um antonio’s done a great job did a great job for us um hehe was you know um outstanding assistant that has been here. I mean five years now and and helped us recruit a lot of players but helped develop players and and good spirit and you know mike called me yesterday. I mean i came i think it was yesterday yesterday just happened right away uh

And you know you kind of you hear through the coaching grapevine things and hey they need in atlanta. You can kind of read the tea leaves they’re going to have to get an atlanta guy and there’s only a couple of guys that are of coach dean’s stature that are you know from atlanta that really are connected to a lot of different folksandand uh you know so

Is that i agree they should look tacky gaudy. Because that’s how they’re characterized oh astonishing mada me de la. croixwell. Because you’re able to pay in advance this time and since i happen to have some no one else seemed to want. But the other part of me is like they’ve gone too far. Lady featherington’s empire line for example is completely unnecessary because they decided to cinch her dress at the national waistline

Which completely defeats the purpose of having any kind of empire line distinction her gowns also have a pentagonal neckline almost a sweetheart neckline. But it’s super angular and severe. This is no doubt to emphasize her breasts i understand that they sexualized lady featherington to indicate poor taste. Because back then baring skin was considered very tasteless however. The way they cut her dress makes it so modern that i think if you looked at her dresses out of context no one could tell that they were even partially inspired by the regency period for her character.

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Basketball player boys kids men
Basketball player boys kids men

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The nice collection for this season. One of all is Basketball player boys kids men .yeah it was easy that he got called obviously we tried to keep him as best we could but i think there’s you know there’s he’s from atlanta you know hei think you know the pull of coming home and trying to be a guy that kind of saves georgia a little bit maybe or resurrects georgia with mike mike’s a good guygood coachum.

You know those things are pulls right i mean and antonio’s also has is very close with a bunch of the guys that have already been there as assistants all the guys that have been therethe last those are there’s a bunch of those guys that all went to the same high schoolit’s kind of crazy umand so it’s almost like now it’s his shot. I thought it was a missed opportunity to over exaggerate um regency fashions in a very theatrical way from what i understand about lady featherington

She is tacky but she does care about propriety so over exaggerating and emphasizing her curves was overkill i would. Rather they overdo her ringlets or give her comically large bonnets because i think that would be so much more creative and fun andal. So you could definitely see that the historical inspirations behind her closet i’m also confused at how she dressed her daughters to meet the queen in the first episode

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