Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids

The new tshirt design for your collection Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids. They are going to go viral. like last month one dude heckled a player on the portl and yrail blazersby talking shit about his grandmother. Who recently died of covid, exactly. i’m sorry, if you are looking for heckling material in the obituary, that is taking it too far.say something about the game and move on. That is a shitty thing to do you have professional basketball game t is supposed to be fun. why are you so angry. people in the stand, like– this is games need to add a court side therapist for the fans.

This week we’ll be speaking to a number of people who skillfully use fashion as a platform for activism let’s talk to hana stodde meyer and ali rich mond of fashion for all celine simon of slow factory an dauthor kimberly drew about why their work is more impactful now than ever fashion activism is a term. I coined early as i started slow factory. It was the idea that fashion can be the vehicle forchange fashion creates meaning and meaning.

We decided to move in nature because we are always talking about bridging the gap between urban and rural areas we work with the public as a public service in open education in designing new systems equity at the heart of our strategies and our work with brands in trying to create these intersectional way of thinking from climate to human rights to fashion to style to personal expression all these things are connected and they drive change

I was always a kid who was reading the magazines and really enthused in thinking about modes of presentation through fashion. But around six years ago i concretely became a part of the industry of fashion which has been quite an interesting ride. I think today i’ve been able to pair my own interests as an activist and a critical thinker trying to push brands as they’re thinking about working more inclusively thinking more future forward thinking more sustainably on many different levels.

There is something that’s so powerful in the confidence around self that makes fashion so powerful like i think all the time i can do anything if i like how i look you know like. I could start a movement if i like how i look if i feel like my truest self. i’ll speak more articulately more powerfully and so i think that the ability to adorn everyone of all walks of life of all roles

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Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids , Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids
Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids

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The new tshirt design for your collection Egg basketball sunglasses easter day sports men women kids. it’s hard to ignore now what’s going on right like our lives have unilaterally been put on break and we have to open our eyes. We have to look now what we have to do now as creatives is think about how many systems. We’ve been buying into and how many of them we can successfully destroy. There’s so many different like nuanced conversations that happen around capitalism.

If you look at just the fashion industry alone like the fashion industry embodies everything wrong with capitalism is that you have this one percent that controls most of the wealth most of the resources most of the means of production the leadership roles etc and fashion embodies. That they’ve done what they’ve done. They’ve built what they’ve built and they have the right to maintain that. But we don’t need that anymore we’re stuck in this rut of

We have to do things the old way and the old way. Does it work i just want you to think what systems are you buying into what are you innovating versus what are you emulating fashion’s role right now is to observe and come up with solutions for problems and we control image. But more importantly we control self-esteem and i think that’s where we can really find our way as an industry is to really think about this new world this post-covert understanding of empathy.

This post-george floyd world of understanding of empathy and seeing where we fit in to continue to build off those morals that we’re collectively and consciously coming into. I don’t want all of us to always be dependent on some prize or some award or something like that to kind of like level the playing field with us. We don’t need that we just and no one. No one person is gonna fix it we just gotta.

All of we had like all of our fans right in and like just tell us why they wanted to be part of our open studio and what we’re going to do. Is just use our fans as a subject for our campaign and we’re repacing them all around the world the pmr show will be part of other your friends in new york initiative. So we want to make sure all of those things can happen succinctly. I think what we do is always is always unpredictable but always on time over the last five months the social justice uprising has made very clear that young people are voting with their wallets in the third segment

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