Favorite basketball player calls meme

The nice collection for this season. One of all is Favorite basketball player calls meme. 39 percent from three again just like with martinez. You would be getting consistent three-point shooting here and myers definitely. Lets it fly from deep consistently and is someone that i think if they brought her in along with paige backers along with daisy fudd would be a nice fit just. Because of her ability to shoot the basketball and that’s something that uconn needs as much of as possible is three-point shooting and you see her and fudd just letting.

It go from the outside along with paige when she lets it go from deep that would be a very very dangerous trio to go along with caroline ducharme and all the other perimeter players. So that’s definitely a player to keep an eye on now mary land is a school that’s in the mix here obviously you look at north carolina just. Because of coaching relationships courtney banghart at north carolina. That’s a school that’s been rumored to be in the mix along with the mary land terrapins

Because maryland has had a ton of players go out but because of that they’re really making other players priorities and they want players to come in here from the transfer portaland. I think they’re definitely going to do that and myers is definitely a big target for them. So keep an eye on her out of princeton again abby myers ashley wuzu from maryland was one of the first players to be followed by morgan valley 14.3 points and3.1

Rebounds were her averages this past season for marylandshe had 99 assists shot 40 from three 79 percent from the free throw line very consistent numbers across the board again on one of our other podcasts we mentioned that she was the drysdale award winner in 2021 and was just so consistent throughout her mary land career. But last year didn’t get as much playing time and her production dipped a little bit

I think that’s a big reason why she’s leaving at this point in time andagain just like with abby myers this is a big score a starter from another team and someone that if uconn brought in would have to be willing to share the basketball with page backers with daisy fudd et cetera so definitely keep an eye on wu su and myers but again those are big scores and they could go into other programs and be the number one guard

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Favorite basketball player calls meme
Favorite basketball player calls meme

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Don’t hesitate to take it. The new hoodie design for your style. It’s a Favorite basketball player calls meme .so that’s the challenge here for uconn with those players but then you look at lauren fields from oklahoma state big scorer on a team that really wasn’t that good this past season 15.4 points and 4.1 rebounds per game were her averages and is definitely a capable score but is very streaky with her percentages you look at her percentages shooting the basketball from two and from three

It’s not quite what abby myers can do or ashley wuzubut she is capable and when she’s on she can really score the basketball consistently so that’s another player to keep in mind but a lot of these players here on this list regards or in the case of martineza wing and what uconn is trying to make a priority is post play. But you know if uconn adds another guard it would just be more firepower to their back court which is already so good with becker’s and with fudding with ducharme on the wingand

Uh definitely look at the post play though andon future podcasts i’m sure we’ll have more husky targets to talk about. I’m sure some of those will be in the post and again whether that’s through recruiting or the transfer portal uconn needs physicality on the inside uconn needs consistency to hang with the team like south carolina because we saw in the championship game.

How glaring of a need that was so again definitely take a look at all the things going on with husky’s recruiting with the transfer portal and on more future podcasts we’ll continue to talk about all of this at lengththis has been a presentation of hoop central on youtube and another uconn women’s basketball podcast as always we thank you for taking the time to watchthis is hamilton signing off for now

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