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color Yeezy Gap Hoodie

Kanye West releases Yeezy Gap Hoodie for $90: ‘Looks like every hoodie at Walmart’

Kanye West released the second clothing drop of his Yeezy collaboration with Gap, and to the surprise of many, it’s a simple hoodie.

Yeezy Gap Hoodie Gives Gap Its First Hit With Hypebeasts

Yeezy x Gap hoodies have quickly become the most traded streetwear items on resale site StockX and are fetching premiums like those seen on Yeezy sneakers. But whether Yeezy can boost Gap’s overall performance is another question.

Shoppers haven’t been this excited about Gap hoodies in years.

In late September, Gap began taking pre-orders on the second release from its line with Kanye West, a $90 hoodie made of hefty double-layered cotton with a dropped shoulder and abbreviated body. It’s also the first item from the collaboration customers would be able to get their hands on. A puffer jacket Gap made available for pre-order in June doesn’t ship until later in the year.

The hoodies have been generating a level of hype unusual for a Gap product, even as they have received mixed reviews from customers. One signal of that hype is evident in the secondary market, where sought-after items like limited-release sneakers routinely trade at a premium well above their retail price. On StockX, among the biggest resale marketplaces, the Yeezy Gap hoodies are currently selling for roughly the same markup the site normally sees on items like West’s sneakers with Adidas.

How Much Is Yeezy Gap Hoodie

It Looks Like the Yeezy Gap Hoodie Is a Hit

On the morning that the Yeezy Gap hoodie dropped last month, I’d set up shop at a café by my apartment in Brooklyn. It’s a place frequented by the kinds of patrons who wear tightly-rolled fisherman beanies and Aimé Leon Dore New Balances. A pair of twenty-something men sat down at the table next to mine and I overheard them chatting while feverishly scrolling on their phones.

I only caught bits of their conversation—“What color should I get?” and “Wait, are they sold out already?”—but I had a hunch that they were talking about Kanye’s new “perfect hoodie.” Plus, I’d already, sheepishly, ordered myself a purple one that morning. So I leaned over to ask if they were talking about the Yeezy hoodie. They burst out laughing, because of course they were.

Now a month later, Business of Fashion reports, the Yeezy Gap hoodies are among the most traded streetwear items on the resale site StockX, with around 6,000 sold so far. And they’ve got heat, going for around 50 percent above their retail price of $90.“That puts them in fairly rarefied company when it comes to other Yeezy releases,” says Jesse Einhorn, senior economist at StockX. By comparison, apparel from Ye’s own Yeezy brand usually sells at a 30 percent markup.

It Looks Like the Yeezy Gap Hoodie Is a Hit

Does the Yeezy Gap Hoodie Live Up to the Hype?

Will it be affordable? Will it have a kangaroo pouch? Will you even be able to purchase it for retail before it sells out? After months of anticipation, these questions were answered when Kanye West’s “perfect hoodie” finally released on Sept. 29.

Of course, the “perfect” designation comes by way of the man himself. In a 2020 interview with the Wall Street Journal, he broke it down.

“The hoodie is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade,” said West. What does that mean to him? “Slightly cropped at the waist” and “heavy as a winter coat.” So, the Yeezy Gap hoodies being made this way should come as no surprise whatsoever.

The first batch hit the Yeezy Gap site early Wednesday morning two weeks ago in six colors—black, brown, tan, red, blue, and purple. A fan page pointed out that the choices may allude to the colors prominently found on some of his most popular albums. This has yet to be confirmed by Kanye or anyone from the Yeezy Gap team, but it’s certainly a nice little easter egg discovered by fans nonetheless.

Price! Yeezy Gap Hoodie

At only $90, there probably aren’t many hoodies on the market that provide this level of quality at this price point. Essentially, you’re getting two hoodies for the price of one considering how thick these things are. Now yes, $90 for a solid-colored hoodie may still seem a bit steep to some. After all, a Uniqlo hoodie is only $50.

Gap’s non-Yeezy Gap hoodies go for the same price. So, if you aren’t a stickler about quality then there are bargains to be had elsewhere. That being said, you really can’t beat a hoodie this heavy for under $100, especially when there are plenty of brands out there using thinner materials that sell their sweatshirts for double that.

It’s also nice to see accessible apparel from Kanye that isn’t just tour merch printed on a cheap Gildan blank. One of the knocks on the Yeezy Season collections was the price point being a bit too high for basics like sweatsuits or a T-shirt. The hoodies hovered in the $400 range. We all remember the white Hip-Hop T-shirt from his APC collab in 2013 that retailed for $120. Now, the price finally isn’t as expensive. But even at $90, is it worth it?

Color! Yeezy Gap Hoodie

This is easily my biggest gripe with the Yeezy Gap hoodies. The worst part is, it could have been easily avoided. For whatever reason, the product image colors on the Yeezy Gap site don’t match the actual hoodies I recieved. The brown hoodie I ordered is definitely a lighter shade than I thought I was getting.

Of the two, I have less of a problem with this one though. It isn’t super far off. The real issue I have is with the purple hoodie. Rather than a deeper shade of purple that appears in the product shot, it was more of a magenta color, like the dog from Blue’s Clues. To be fair, the color is still really nice.

But it just isn’t exactly what I thought I ordered. Considering it was as simple as changing the lighting of the product shots that appeared on the website or using the right cotton in the factory to match the photos, this was sort of annoying. In all fairness, I’m still going to wear these regardless. But fresh out of the box, this was the most glaring issue.

color Yeezy Gap Hoodie


“While it was a lucrative business move for Gap, it will struggle to retain the customer that the Yeezy collaboration brings unless it redirects its focus onto a similar customer base,” Darcey Jupp, an apparel analyst at GlobalData, a research and consulting firm, told BoF in an email. That customer tends to be young, with an interest in hip-hop and streetwear.



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