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Don’t hesitate to take it. The new hoodie design for your style. It’s a Rabbit basketball.michaela williams watkins recruitment has been close to the best we haven’t seen much come out as far as a final list what schools are really in the mix as much. So it’s kind of hard to tell what yukon’s interest level is there. But she has been listed as a player of interest in the past for yukon

So look at herand then elaia del rosario was up in new jersey was playing up there has since been playing in tennes see as of recently and. We haven’t seen uconn’s interest maybe as high as it was. I think they’re in more with cunninghami think they’re more interested in her right now than del rosario but very similar type of player brings the size to the tablebrings that consistency and that physicality again which is something that uconn needs. So so again with the sierra toomey commitment to north carolina that definitely has a huge impact on

What uconn is going to do throughout here in the rest of this 2023 class again some main targets are bria cunningham and madison booker uconn is in the running in the final list for both of those players and with michaela williams with jujuwatkins their recruitments are more close to the best and not as much as come out with those players at this time so definitely continue to track

What’s going on with uconn here in the 2023 classthe good news is they have arnold and shade locked upbut still some work to do and still maybe another player or twothat uconn wants to addso that’s what’s happening with husky’s recruiting

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Rabbit basketball
Rabbit basketball

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Don’t hesitate to take it. The new hoodie design for your style. It’s a Rabbit basketball .now let’s talk about the transfer market and the transfer portal a ton of stuff is going on right nowover a thousand players are already in the transfer portal and uconn has been very active already really since the season ended with the championship loss to south carolina uconn has been active in recruiting players and following them.

That have come into the transfer portal and only one husky has left the program pioth gabriel six foot five sophomore post player someone that really was not a part of this uconn rotation and wasn’t a part of their inside game so that loss definitely not as impactful as others would have been but again uconn is looking for players to come in not head out and five players have been confirmed targets for the huskies already in the transfer market morgan valley assistant coach for uconn is following esmerie martinez and karina black from west virginiaabby myers from princeton ashley wilson from maryland and lauren fields from oklahoma stateand

I want to start with martinez in the black both from west virginia and talk about what those two brought to the table for that team and what they could bring foruconn martinez played 26 minutes per game last year averaged 11.3 points and 8.8 rebounds she shot 43 from the floor and 40 percent from three the black averaged 7.6 points along with four rebounds per game shot 44 from the floor but in only 19 minutes per game. So she was not as big of an impact player as martinez was again martinez 40 3 point shooter 43 overall from the floor 11.3 points and 8.8 rebounds near a double double per game.

I think she is definitely more of a transfer target here for uconn than the black is simply because of the style of play what she brings to the table and how it would fit the yukon system again as a three player as a wingshe gives you the ability to rebound and that’s the thing that the great uconn teams have always had wings with the ability to rebound along with the post players and martinez would definitely bring that to the table in addition to that she’s a capable scorer definitely consistent whether it’s inside whether.

It’s outside abby myers from prince ton ivy league leading scorer at 17.5 points per game was just so goodall season long she averaged 5.8 rebounds in addition to that shot 45 from the floor and39 percent from three again just like with martinez. You would be getting consistent three-point shooting here and myers definitely lets it fly from deep consistently and is someone that i think if they brought her in along with paige backers along with daisy fudd would be a nice fit just.

Because of her ability to shoot the basketball and that’s something that uconn needs as much of as possible is three-point shooting and you see her and fudd just letting it go from the outside along with paige when she lets it go from deep that would be a very very dangerous trio to go along with caroline ducharme and all the other perimeter players. So that’s definitely a player to keep an eye on now

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