Uniqlo U Spring Summer 2022 Haul

Trending clothing from us the Uniqlo U Spring Summer 2022 Haul. It’s too tight so the small definitely fits better on mei don’t know. If i’m going to keep them yet. I’m going to meditate on. It see how i feel about them try them out with a couple of different outfits. I give them a solid 7 out of 10. Let’s move on to the next piece okay next up. We have the oversized hooded blue zone jacket which basically is a windbreaker for me.

This piece looks really cool online so i hope it’s gonna fit as well as it did on the model. I got this one in an extra small as well oh. it fully zips down i thought it was like a quarter zip type situation. But the zip fully goes all the way down
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Uniqlo U Spring Summer 2022 Haul , Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

uniqlo u fall/winter 2022
uniqlo u fall/winter 2022

Premium uniqlo u fall/winter 2021 for this season will presents who love

Show up your style now with it the Uniqlo U Spring Summer 2022 Haul. And you can just open it up apparently okay okay okay sleeve length is good. Let’s try to zip it up okay first impression the fit of it is pretty good. I like where it fits on the sleeves i like the boxy silhouette here. I like the details on the vents here in the front and in the back ideally. I would love it to be slightly shorter if it could just end like here.

uniqlo u fall/winter 2022
uniqlo u fall/winter 2022


I think it would be better have it be a bit shorter and usually uniqlo is pretty on point in terms of sizing for me and. This is an extra small if it was more of a quarter zip situation that would end right here. I feel like i would like it better. I think it’s a decent piece. But there’s these few little things that are gonna make it a pass for megood thing. I left the tag on because i am gonna be returning this one


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